Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yesterday we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a great day to spend in the museum and the whole family had a good time. I was amazed at how much there was to see, we didn’t even get through half of the place before it closed for the day. My favorite part was the American Wing with the Early American Architecture. We wandered through rooms that were actually taken out of period homes and reconstructed onsite at the museum.

Classic Car Show

We recently attended the Vanderbilt Race Centennial Celebration and car show at the Cradle of Aviation museum. Alex really enjoyed looking at all the old cars and hearing a few of them race around the course they set up in the parking lot. They were doing some time trials and they even had the 1909 Alco-6 Racer, called Bete Noir “Black Beast”. It was really cool to hear that roar as it went by.
Nicholas enjoyed the museum and all their exhibits. His favorites were the World War II planes and the exhibits of the Aircraft Carriers. We learned a lot and I hope to go to the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC soon.