New project

I am planning on a new summer project for the boys and I. My father always wanted to build a sailboat and he frequented these sites Stevenson Projects and Chesapeake Light Craft while he was researching. I am pretty sure he always wanted to build the “Weekender” sailboat from Stevenson Projects.

I am not quite ready to build that boat but I think Alex and Nick would enjoy building this little one called the 3-in-1. I just purchased the plans today and will have to pick some time to take off this summer and start working on it.

Log Table

I’ve been building the log table for a week or two now and its just about ready for final assembly. I’ve been taking extra care to protect the top of the table since it will be exposed to the elements and it does already have some checking in the wood. I have applied several coats of UV resistant polyurethane with sanding between coats. I have to just apply a coat or two to the underside and then we should be done.

Day Hike in Harriman State Park

Yesterday Alex an I went on a day hike with the boy scouts in Harriman State Park.
We took a loop from Lake Skannatati and visited Pine Swamp Mine and Hogencamp Mine. The hike started at about 9:30 from the parking lot and we walked up towards Pine Swamp Mine from there. It was a bit overcast and muggy as we started out but by the time we stopped for lunch on top of Hogencamp Mountain it was nice and sunny and breezy. It was a good hike and everyone had a good time.
Here is a link to the hike description.

Our Hiking Crew

Checking out one of the Iron Mines in Harriman.

A little woodworking

A few years ago my mother had lost a tree in her backyard due to Hurricane Irene. It was a large Tulip Poplar and at the time we asked the tree service to cut up a piece of the main trunk so we could one day use it as a table. Well, its been sitting in my mom’s garage for a long time and recently I decided to take it home and start working on it. I now have a nicely sanded (although not perfect) slab that I can protect with polyurethane and mount on some sturdy legs.

Here is a picture of it after the first coat of polyurethane.

Shawangunk Mountain Hike

This past weekend Paula, the boys and I went for a ‘short’ hike in the Shawangunk Mountains.  We started our hike in Sam’s Point Preserve and hikeds to Verkeerderkill Falls, then we continued on to the High Point Trail and made the entire 10 mile loop back to the parking lot.  The weather was great and for the most part everyone enjoyed themselves.  I think we should have cut the hike a bit shorter but overall it was good.