NYC High Line Adventure

This past Sunday the family and I took a trip into the city to check out the High Line. The High Line is a NYC Park tht was developed from an old abandoned elevated freight line that ran through Manhattan. It had sat unused for years and was slowly being taken over by nature. Some local residents formed a group called “Friends of the High Line” and they petitioned to convert it into a park. The end result is a mile and a half long stretch of green space that runs from Gansevort St to the Hudson Yards.
We took a train into the city and had a late lunch down in Chelsea before walking up onto the high line for a nice walk. The weather was perfect and there were a lot of people with the same idea. Even though it was “crowded” it was still very enjoyable. The boys liked the different sections and their art exhibits. I just enjoyed seeing a part of Manhattan that I wouldn’t normally get to see. The flowers and plants are all pretty much dormant now so I think we’ll have to plan on comjng back in the spring or summer. Even though it was still very pretty the way it was set up.