Family Camping Trip

We took our pop up camper on a dry run this past weekend and went camping out in the Poconos. It was a great weekend with nice weather and the entire family had a good time. We learned a lot about the camper and how to use it as well. I think both Paula and I have nice long lists of things we want to do to make the camper even better!

Webelos Woods

This past weekend Nick and I camped out at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp for Webelos Woods. Webelos Woods is where the Webelos (Cub Scouts) get to camp out for a weekend with the Boy Scouts and they have all sorts of cool stations that the Boy Scouts run for them. The weather was pretty lousy, it rained all day Saturday but Nick had a good time with his friends.

Our Tent

The boys eating dinner

Backpacking Trip with the Boy Scouts

This past weekend Alex and I went backpacking in Harriman State Park with the Boy Scouts (Troop 888).  It was a great experience to hike 4 miles into the woods with your gear on your back and set up a campsite.  We hiked around Pine Meadow Lake and found a nice clearing to camp by around 2pm on Saturday.  We had set up camp and explored a bit before setting our sights on making our dinner and relaxing around the campfire.  Everyone brought a different type of ‘backpacking meal’ from simple soups, to MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), to Freeze Dried meals that you just add hot water to.  We had a lot of fun tasting and trying all the different foods, and the boys enjoyed sitting by the lake.  It was different from “car camping” in the sense that you had to bring everything you would need in your backpack, where as in a regular campsite you could always go to your car for an extra blanket or that nice big cooler full of ice and drinks.  Here we actually had to filter fresh water from the lake to use for drinking and cooking.  And everything we packed had to be as light as possible to keep the weight of the backpacks down.  As it was, when we were packing for the trip Alex had weighed both our packs and his weighed in at 40lbs, and mine came in at 35lbs!  That’s a lot of weight to carry.  After spending a night in the woods we packed up our camp and hiked another 3.5 miles back out Sunday morning.  Our hike out brought us up and over Diamond Mountain where we got a great view of the park and even a little bit of the NYC skyline off in the distance.  It was a lot of fun and we both can’t wait to do it again soon.

Flag Football

Well we finished up the fall flag football season this weekend. It was a lot of fun and Alex and I really enjoyed it. Even though we lost the last game of the season I think the whole team walked away with a good attitude. We all learned a lot and had a great time doing it. Way to go Panthers!

Weekend Events

This weekend was chock full of activities and events. On Saturday we all went to Alex’s school where they had their annual Halloween Carnival. It was a nice event with lots of games and prizes. Everyone had a good time. Then Saturday night Alex and I went to an Islanders Hockey game. The Islanders were playing against the Carolina Hurricanes. It was an exciting game, with a penalty shot in the last second of the game. Alex really had a good time. On Sunday we had Alex’s flag football game and some beautiful weather. In the evening we went to the Nassau County Museum of art where they had a Twilight Pumpkin Spectacular. It was a very cool event that included over 3000 carved pumpkins and lots of other Halloween displays. Both Alex and Nicholas had a great time.

Fall – Football, Halloween and Leaves

Well, here we are deep in the midst of fall. I have been coaching Alex’s flag football team ( and Paula is working with the boys to get their Halloween costumes finished. I am enjoying the fall colors and the cooler weather. Of course that means I have to get ready to start raking leaves.
We had a great summer, lots of adventures (balloon festival, camping trip, a visit to Rhinebeck Areodome, and of course our vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina).