Boy Scouts Spring Camporee

This past weekend was the Spring Camporee for the Benjamin Tallmadge District and our troop was out at Baiting Hollow to participate. This was the second campout for Nick and his buddies who had crossed over in Feb and their first time sleeping in tents as Boy Scouts. The boys all did very well, they set up their own tents and cooked their own meals. We decided as a troop that on Saturday night each patrol had to make a dutch oven meal so it would force them to try something different. I have to say all the meals came out really good and I was impressed with everyone’s recipes. The theme for the Camporee was Zombie Survival and they had all sorts of interesting stations that each troop got to participate in. Some of them included Tomahawk Throwing, BB Shooting, Fire Starting, and other team building exercises like raising a 30 foot tall antenna using only two ropes while not being able to step inside the circle that the antenna was in. The troop also built a ‘coffin racer’ to participate a race at the end of the day on Saturday. Here are some pictures.

The Coffin Racer

The Gateway that the boys created for our campsite

The Zombies attacking Nick at camp.

Our campfire on Friday night

NYC in the Spring

Well spring has sprung here in NYC! As I walked around in Central Park the other day the weather was beautiful and warm. I had to admire all the signs of spring’s return. The flowers were blooming, the buds on the trees were popping and the birds were singing. Here are a few pictures from my walk.

Nick’s first campout with the Boy Scouts

This past weekend Nicholas, Alex and I went with Troop 888 to Schiff Scout Camp and had an overnight campout. It was the first camp out for the new scouts from Nicholas’ Webelos Den. They all had a great time, even though it snowed again! They went for a hike in the woods, played around in the snow and even got to work on some of their Scout skills. They even completed their Totin’ Chip requirements! Then later in the evening on Saturday we had a big campfire and Alex had a special ceremony to award the new boys their first rank badge and to give them their official Troop 888 neckerchiefs. They all had earned the rank of Scout and are well on their way in Boy Scouts.

Congrats Bacon Ninja Patrol!

Schiff Scout Camp

Nick chopping wood


Nick in the snow

Snowy Trails

Day Hike in Harriman State Park

Yesterday Alex an I went on a day hike with the boy scouts in Harriman State Park.
We took a loop from Lake Skannatati and visited Pine Swamp Mine and Hogencamp Mine. The hike started at about 9:30 from the parking lot and we walked up towards Pine Swamp Mine from there. It was a bit overcast and muggy as we started out but by the time we stopped for lunch on top of Hogencamp Mountain it was nice and sunny and breezy. It was a good hike and everyone had a good time.
Here is a link to the hike description.

Our Hiking Crew

Checking out one of the Iron Mines in Harriman.


Alex celebrated his Holy Confirmation today at Christ the King Church in Commack. The ceremony was very nice and Alex looked so grown up. I can’t believe he is almost as tall as me now. After the ceremony we all came back to the house and had a nice little celebration. Alex picked his Aunt Jeanie as his sponsor.

Holy Communion

This past weekend Nicholas celebrated his first Communion at Christ the King Church in Commack. It was a beautiful day and the ceremony was lovely. Nicholas looked so grown up and handsome in his suit. Afterwards, we all went back to the house and enjoyed a family celebration. A lot of relatives showed up and everyone had a great time.

Cubs for Cubs Outing

We recently spent the day out at Baiting Hollow Scout camp where they had their annual Cubs for Cubs event. It was a day of fun and activities for all the Cub Scouts, and this year the Boy Scouts were out there as well for their Spring Camporee. So, while Nicholas was having fun with his Cub Scouts, Alex was also enjoying the day with his Boy Scout Troop.
This year the theme of Cub for Cubs was Medieval Times, so our Pack put together a great booth. It was a giant cardboard castle that was a bean bag toss. If you got the bean bag into the right hole it would drop the drawbridge. In addition to the booths that each Cub Scout Pack had to man, they also had a group of people who reenact what life was like during that time. They showed how they made armor and how they fought. They demonstrated cooking, weaving and leather craft as well. It was a long day but everyone had a great time.