Nokado Blue Belt Test

Congratulations to Nick for earning his Blue Belt at Nokado in Kings Park. He has been working hard and attending extra classes and its paid off. Mom and I are very proud of you.

Belt Presentation

Nick and Soke “O”

New project

I am planning on a new summer project for the boys and I. My father always wanted to build a sailboat and he frequented these sites Stevenson Projects and Chesapeake Light Craft while he was researching. I am pretty sure he always wanted to build the “Weekender” sailboat from Stevenson Projects.

I am not quite ready to build that boat but I think Alex and Nick would enjoy building this little one called the 3-in-1. I just purchased the plans today and will have to pick some time to take off this summer and start working on it.

Family Ski Trip

We just got back from a weekend ski trip into the Poconos in PA.  A friend of the family has a house out there that she let us use for the weekend.  It was just 10 minutes from Camel Back Mountain so we took the boys up to check out the skiing and see if we could all learn how to snowboard.  It was fun but being that it was a holiday weekend the place was really crowded. 

All of us took lessons to learn how to snowboard and we gave it a try.  I think Nick got the best lessons and certainly did the best out of all of us.  Overall we had a good time and will definitely want to go try snowboarding again soon.

Whitewater Rafting Trip

This past weekend Alex and I went whitewater rafting with his Boy Scout Troop. The trip was on the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania at a place called Whitewater Challengers. This was our second time going on this outing and once again we had an awesome time. The weather was perfect and the river was great, albeit a little cold (water temp 50°) but we were able to rent wetsuits to help keep us warm.
There were 5 of us in the raft and our troop had about 4 rafts in total. The guides followed around us in their own kayaks and they helped by telling us where to go and how to avoid trouble. The rapids where considered to be Class II and Class III which for the most part was fun and exciting without much danger. Of course at one point we got tangled up with another raft who was stuck on a large rock and our entire crew was dumped out of our raft. Thank goodness we had life jackets on. Alex, myself and another boy were rescued by another raft while a guide rescued the other boy and his father. The guide then had to bail out our raft and somehow link back up with us again so we could all get back in it. It sure was exciting!

Finished Pinewood Derby Car

Last night Nicholas and I completed his Pinewood Derby car.  We put on the wheels and made sure they were aligned.  Then we added graphite for lubrication to make the wheels nice and fast.  The weigh in is this Saturday and the Derby is Friday 01/27/2012.  We can’t wait to see how his car performs.

Pinewood Derby Car

Nicholas’ Pinewood Derby car is almost ready.  He has finished with the decorations and we’ve painted and put on a clear coat on top.  The last step is to put on the wheels and make sure everything is properly aligned.  Looking forward to the weigh-in next Saturday.